On-Demand Video Visits (Virtual Urgent Care)

Get care sooner than ever for your illness or injury. Request an on-demand video visit with Spectrum Health, and we’ll connect you to a medical professional within 10 minutes 24/7, 365 days a year.

Take advantage of this convenient service for yourself or your child age 3 or older living anywhere in Michigan. You can expect the same quality of service you’d receive when visiting us at a medical facility. We recommend you start here rather than with in-person urgent care for unexpected health needs.

For step-by-step instructions on how to start a video visit, click here.

Who You’ll See

Your video visit will take place with the first-available Spectrum Health provider. This professional has access to your complete electronic health record and will share a summary of your video visit with your primary care doctor. You do not need to be an existing Spectrum Health patient to use this service.

Conditions Treated

Consider an on-demand video visit when you experience:
• Allergies (seasonal) or hives
• Back pain for the first time
• Bites or stings
• Burns (minor)
• Coughs, colds, fevers, flus
• Digestive symptoms, such as constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea or vomiting
• Headaches
• Inner ear or ear infection*
• Pink eye
• Sinus problems
• Skin issues, such as acne and rashes
• Sleep problems, including insomnia
• Sore throats
• Sprains and strains
• Swimmer’s ear
• Tooth pain
• Urinary tract infection (UTIs)
• Vaginitis
• Wheezing or shortness of breath*

If you need to see a doctor for something else, call Patient Support at 877.362.8362.

*Only available if you also have a TytoCare Exam Kit.

TytoCare: Quick, Easy Telehealth Exams

Enhance your on-demand video visit with a TytoCare kit. This technology helps you capture information about your symptoms and vital signs and share it with your provider. It makes your virtual appointment the same as a visit to your physician’s office.


Just like an urgent care clinic, on-demand video visits can provide:
• Diagnosis of common, everyday health problems
• Prescriptions for medications, including birth control
• Instructions on caring for yourself or your child at home

Sometimes, we may determine you need in-person care. We’ll tell you if your best option is an immediate care clinic or the emergency room at one of our hospitals. If this happens, you won’t be charged for the virtual visit.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Most insurance plans cover virtual urgent care. You won’t pay more than $45.

Set Up Your Technology

To get virtual urgent care, you must have a MyChart account and use one of these:
• Smartphone with the Spectrum Health App
• Computer with a microphone, video camera and reliable Internet connection