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Lifestyle Medicine

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What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is about helping you achieve your greatest health possible.

Many people don’t realize that our health behaviors are the most important factors to how healthy we are and how well we feel. Our nutrition, activity, sleep, relationships, responses to stress and whether we avoid tobacco/nicotine and excessive alcohol determine much of our health. These behaviors often determine whether we develop disease and complications and can influence the success of medical treatment.

Lifestyle medicine brings health behaviors to the forefront of care.

Your Experience in Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine offerings are deeply rooted in science but also personalized for your unique needs and preferences. They are designed to arm you with new knowledge and skills while providing you support to create lasting change. We help break down a process that may seem overwhelming into smaller steps. We will coach you on the most effective way to make meaningful change. The result is a healthier and happier you. Along the way, lifestyle medicine programs often help people prevent, manage or even reverse disease.

In 2017, we began culinary medicine - our first lifestyle medicine program. We invite you to join us in the teaching kitchen to learn more about food as medicine. We teach people how to create healthy recipes in their home kitchen that are easy, budget friendly and most importantly delicious. Learn more and sign up for a class.

In 2020, we will open a lifestyle medicine specialty practice led by board certified lifestyle medicine physicians, registered dietitians, health coaches, psychologists and tobacco and nicotine specialists. We will have many different programs including consults with lifestyle medicine providers, group programs, health coaching and digital offerings.