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As a patient of lifestyle medicine, you will have access to a team of experts and a variety of programs and services all designed to guide you through lasting lifestyle transformation that will optimize your health. Your goal might be to prevent, manage or reverse disease or simply to feel healthier and better. Lifestyle medicine is for everyone and is focused on your goal for your health. Learn more about what you can expect below.

What to expect

Small steps, big changes
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On average, most people engage in our programs for three to six months. This is so we can take small steps towards your goal with changes that last a lifetime. Throughout that time, you will have access to a number of other services including:

  • Health behavior assessments, biometrics, goal setting and personalized lifestyle plans
  • Intensive therapeutic lifestyle change programs
  • Culinary medicine programs: Cooking classes, demos and webinars, meal planning, culinary skill building
  • Individual and group appointments with lifestyle medicine doctors, dietitians and experts
  • Health and wellness coaching with certified professionals
  • Tobacco and nicotine treatment
  • Digital tools, services and health apps
A holistic team to support you
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Your lifestyle medicine care team may vary depending on your needs, but in addition to the support of a physician you will have access to chefs, registered dietitians, health coaches, tobacco treatment specialists and more all focused on helping and empowering you to achieve optimal health through lifestyle change.

In-depth programs and health coaching
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Your lifestyle medicine journey may include selecting longer term programming that will support you as you make meaningful changes toward a lifestyle transformation step by step. Research shows that successful and lasting behavior change is most likely when it is supported by health coaching and peer support across weeks or months.

Your lifestyle medicine journey may include participating in one of our many group programs or shared medical appointment (SMA) options. SMAs are an effective way to spend more time with your doctor while learning together with similar patients. Most SMAs take place in a series of appointments, held across weeks or months at a specific time with the same group. More information is discussed during SMAs than individual office visits as participants learn from each other’s comments, support and interactions with experts.

Frequently asked questions

Will my primary care provider be involved?
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Lifestyle medicine complements traditional care, it doesn’t replace it. Visits to our practice will not replace any medical care you’re already receiving. We’ll work with your existing care team. Your lifestyle medicine visits will be documented in your electronic health record and your other health care providers will have access to your information.

What is a health coach?
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The lifestyle medicine health coaches are board certified professionals through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching. They have received extensive training typically through the Wellcoaches School of Coaching. Our health coaches have a variety of different backgrounds and expertise including nutrition, physical training, tobacco and nicotine treatment and more. Our lifestyle medicine health coaches lead patients through a journey of change empowering them to build confidence, inspire change, reach goals and build lifelong habits. This is accomplished by the health coach partnering with the patient to develop a personal wellness plan that the coach helps them to implement drawing upon evidence-based change strategies. The health coach and patient develop a strong relationship through frequent and ongoing interactions focused on supporting and celebrating the patient’s change journey.

Will my insurance cover lifestyle medicine?
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Regular insurance coverage with copay applies for most lifestyle medicine visits and programs. Cash-based services are also available. Our team will help to answer any coverage questions prior to your appointment.

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