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Neonatal Care

From Tiny to Thriving

Neonatal Care Specialties 

If you have a premature or critically ill baby, the Gerber Foundation Neonatal Center is the best place for your child and family to be. We are a Level IV neonatal intensive care unit, which means we provide the highest degree of quality care for at-risk newborns. We are the only hospital in West Michigan to offer this level of care. We also have the largest neonatal unit in the state of Michigan and one of the largest in the world.

Your Child’s Care Team

The delivery of care to a sick newborn is a complex process. It involves a large team of expert individuals, some of whom are more visible to families, and others who are hidden behind the scenes. The team involves physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, dietitians, pharmacists and a number of additional support staff. Although we have a large team, we meet twice a day to discuss each and every baby. This allows us to make timely decisions about each baby’s care and provide an individualized care plan based on his or her needs.

We care for more than 1,400 babies every year. Most of the babies admitted to our NICU are born at Butterworth Hospital. We also bring critically ill infants safely to our center with the help of a dedicated neonatal transport team. Our NICU transport team brings patients either by specially equipped ambulance or helicopter.

Small Baby Unit

We are also one of the few neonatal centers in the country to have a designated space within the NICU for micro-preemies (babies born weighing less than two pounds). The Small Baby Unit is designed specifically to meet the medically complex needs of these babies born at or before 27 weeks. The staff working in this area have received additional training to provide the extra medical support required.

Parent Support

We are passionately focused on nurturing your baby so he or she can thrive. Our neonatal specialists believe the best care includes a focus on family involvement, along with the most advanced technologies and procedures. With our family-centered care philosophy, we encourage you to be active in your child’s care. We also understand that few things are as comforting to parents as support from someone who knows firsthand what they are going through with their child's illness. We offer opportunities to connect through the March of Dimes NICU Family Support® program and the Neonatal Parent-to-Parent Partnership with individuals who have past experience in our intensive care unit.

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