Vascular and Vein Care

Your journey with vascular, vein or wound care requires a team that are experts in their field. If you have an issue with your arteries, veins or circulatory system or are suffering from a chronic wound that won’t heal, know that we’re here to help. At Spectrum Health, we use innovative technology to provide individualized care from diagnosis to treatment. Our team participates in clinical trials and research studies in many areas of vascular and endovascular procedures.  We specialize in helping you get well, be well and stay well.

Vascular conditions and vein diseases are any illness that affects the circulatory system. This could be a ballooning or bulging vessel, poor blood flow, a weakened or diseased valve, plaque buildup or blood clot. Knowing you are at risk is an important first step. Spectrum Health offers free screenings that quickly and painlessly check for different types of vascular and vein conditions.
Vascular Risk Factors

Vascular Care Team

Spectrum Health Medical Group’s fellowship-trained and board-certified physicians provide comprehensive vascular care in a patient-centered environment. Our accomplished vascular team combines experience and advanced technologies to achieve clinical excellence, from testing and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. Whether you need emergency or routine care, we are here to help.

  • Vein Center

    The Spectrum Health Medical Group Vein Center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of your vein health. While women have a few more contributing risk factors, both men and women can develop vein problems.

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