How safe are you from peripheral artery disease?

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Peripheral artery disease occurs when the blood vessels outside of the heart develop a build-up of fat and cholesterol and the artery becomes narrower, which restricts blood flow to the body’s tissues. 

Due to the buildup of plaque in your arteries, having peripheral artery disease puts you at a greater risk for heart attack or stroke. 

Symptoms of peripheral artery disease are typically pain in the legs and calves during activity. Other symptoms may include: 

    • Leg numbness or weakness
    • Coldness in your lower leg or foot
    • Sores or ulcers on your legs, feet or toes that won’t heal
    • A change in the color of your legs or shiny skin or hair loss on your legs
    • Slower growth of your toenails
    • A weak or no pulse in your legs or feet
    • Erectile dysfunction in men

    Women may not experience symptoms as early as men, and may not experience pain in the legs during activity. 

    If you or a loved one have two or more of the risk factors below, register for a free vascular screening at our Corewell Health Care Center - 2009 Holton Road to determine your peripheral artery disease risk. Availability is limited, so schedule your appointment today.

    Risk factors

    • I am age 60 or older 
    • I have diabetes 
    • I have high blood pressure 
    • I have a history of smoking
    • I have high cholesterol
    • I have a family history of atherosclerosis (buildup of fat in the artery walls)

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