Heart & Lung Surgery

When medication- and catheter-based treatments cannot relieve symptoms, surgery is the accepted management for a range of cardiothoracic conditions. If you or a loved one have a serious heart condition that requires complex or emergency surgery, Spectrum Health is the right place.

Our cardiothoracic surgeons at the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center work together to provide expert heart surgery options, close to home. We are the only Grand Rapids hospital whose surgeons are approved to perform open heart surgery as well as procedures of the lungs and chest. In fact, more adult open heart surgeries are performed at Meijer Heart Center than at any other hospital in the state. This level of experience leads to better results for you.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a full spectrum of cardiothoracic care, including traditional open heart surgery as well as robotic-assisted surgery. Spectrum Health was the first West Michigan hospital to offer da Vinci® cardiac procedures. Robotic assistance allows qualifying patients to have smaller incisions, eliminating the need to split the breastbone. This technique speeds recovery, creates less scarring and allows a faster return to normal activities.


We are also proud to be West Michigan’s transplant center, offering high-level transplant care for heart transplants, lung transplants and ventricular assist devices. Our programs are unique and important for the region. They allow area residents to receive these critical, advanced procedures close to home—eliminating the hardship faced by families and patients who must travel to other cities for transplant and ventricular assist device surgery.


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