Your impact

Every day, patients are impacted by the power of your philanthropy. We are so incredibly grateful to you and would like to share just a glimpse of what philanthropy does across our system.

Happy Family

Child and family life

It is because of your support, that we are able to provide comfort, care, and both medical and emotional support to kids

By explaining the procedure in an age-appropriate way during a pre-op virtual visit, Kelly Whilden, a 16-year veteran of the children’s hospital’s Child and Family Life team, hoped she could lift Violet’s spirits and put her mind at ease

Violet Peters

Behavioral and mental health

Because of you, our Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Youth Behavioral Health Clinic will open on September 26, 2022 and plans to care for approximately 13,000 pediatric patients next year. Through your support of this project, you have also created an additional referral option for physicians throughout West Michigan when patients are exhibiting signs of mental illness, including suicide.

At Spectrum Health and Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, before 2019 and the pandemic, the average number of patients with psychiatry needs who came through our emergency departments averaged 17,000-18,000 per year. This past year, we saw 44,000 patients.

Anne Stoll

Patient assistance

Your support provides financial assistance that eased the burden of costs associated with their care, including transportation costs to and from treatments, dental care for patients receiving radiation therapy, and even helping to cover costs of rent and utilities so patients do not have to choose between lifesaving care and their basic needs.

You helped Anne Stoll obtain financial assistance for her rent and utilities. This removed a great deal of her stress, and she went home to prepare for the next step in her cancer journey, chemotherapy.

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Health equity

The Health Equity and Leadership Scholars Program (HEAL) encourages diversity in the physician workforce in West Michigan by providing scholarships for resident physicians from underrepresented minority backgrounds.

Join us in celebrating our two HEAL scholars for 2022 - Dr. Antonia Fomunyam and Dr. Janene Berli

Health Equity

Team member wellbeing

Through your generosity and the many different initiatives supporting our team members we are able to enhance collaboration, their well-being and patient care across the system. For example, the Balk Family Provider Lounge a newly renovated space is utilize by physicians each day. Based on its utilization, we can deduce that this space alone is having an impact on more than 100,000 patient encounters throughout the year.

"Our team uses this space frequently, day and night. We greatly appreciate the central location of the updated lounge for work and collaboration."

Dr. Beth Makowski
Division Chief, Acute Care Medicine

Jameson Jibben

Research and innovation: genomics

Because of you, new treatments became available for children in need, access to leading-edge diagnostic testing increased for our most critically ill patients at HDVCH, and our work in rapid whole genome sequencing (rWGS) was the catalyst for aseismic change in health care policy in Michigan, which is rippling across our country.

Jameson Jibben of Sacramento, California is a perfect example of the innovative reach you are having and how your support has made the impossible...possible through genomics.

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Gabby Coleman