Dr. James Fahner Accepts the CMN 2021 Impact Award

With over 170 CMN Hospitals in the U.S., the CMN committee selected Dr. Fahner after careful evaluations.

Dr. Fahner

Congratulations to the second Annual Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals Impact Award recipient, Dr. James Fahner, Division Chief of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital! The CMN Hospitals Impact Award honors a doctor, nurse, caregiver or team who have made a significant impact on the care provided to children in their hospital.

With over 170 CMN Hospitals in the U.S., the CMN committee selected Dr. Fahner after careful evaluations. His excellence in his work, compassion for patients and families and commitment to supporting the foundations work were the key factors in their decision.

Dr. Fahner is beloved by patients, parents, and colleagues alike. He arrived at Butterworth Hospital (before Helen DeVos Children's Hospital existed) as the first pediatric hematologist/oncologist in West Michigan. Dr. Fahner is always willing to volunteer for any activity to help steward donors large and small. From volunteering on the phone bank and providing moving interviews at the annual Radiothon event, engaging with corporate partners while touring the hospital, to attending and providing inspiration to college students at the Hope College Dance Marathon, he understands the importance and impact donations have on his patients!

Dr. Fahner

Anyone who hears Dr. Fahner speak is moved by the way explains the advancements being made in childhood cancer treatment and research, which wouldn’t be possible without the support of donations. Dr. Fahner develops meaningful relationships with all his patients and many times will be invited to graduations and weddings. One of his former patients even decided to come back to the hospital on her wedding day to take photos.

Dr. Fahner is good at having some fun too. Every year, he makes an appearance at the holiday party where he performs as the Sugar Plum Fairy to spread glitter, confetti and joy to his current and former patients. He is truly an incredible person, doctor, but most importantly, advocate for his patients and their families. Congratulations, Dr. Fahner, for being this year’s Impact Award recipient!

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Dr. Fahner