Essentials of Health Care Conference

Thursday, October 6
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Grand Valley State University Eberhard Center
301 West Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Description and Objective
Helen DeVos Children's Hospital is pleased to offer this exciting educational opportunity for neonatal and pediatric nurses, respiratory therapists, language services, child life specialists and social workers. Join us for a day of informative, evidence-based presentations and discussion about providing care for infants and children in the acute, critical, emergency, surgical and community setting.

Registration and Fees
Standard Rate: $120
Partners in Children's Health employees (non-physicians): $80
Spectrum Health employees: $60
Students: $40

Patty Wooten, RN, BSN, PHN Founding Member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
* Presenting on: Professional Survival - You Can Laugh or You Can Cry and Putting Fun to Work

Kristopher Brenner, MD Division Chief, MedNow
Jared Cowan, MBA Manager, MedNow
* Presenting on: MedNow - the concept of Telemedicine, including an equipment demo

Lori Bruins, CPXO Specialist, Improvement Lead, Patient Experience
Cynthia Gardiner, RN Patient Services Representative Associate, Patient Experience
* Presenting on: Bringing Empathy to Challenging Patients and Families - providing tools and approaches for caregivers to maintain empathy

Katrena Froh, BS, CCLS, CEIM Child Life Specialist, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Meaghan Tieri, BSN, RNC-NIC Nurse Educator, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, NICU/NIM
* Presenting on: Pain in the Brain: Neurodevelopmental Risk and Protection for Infants - defining neurodevelopmental risk and protection in infants

Brittany Barber Garcia, PhD Psychologist, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
* Presenting on: Psychological Assessment and Treatment of Pain and Somatic Sympton Disorders in Children - defining and identifying SSD in children

Michelle Lancaster, RN, BS Secchia CarePartners Coordinator, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
* Presenting on: Secchia CarePartners Program - Identifying medically complex patients and the population's impact on healthcare

Aly Mageed, MD Section Chief, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Program
* Presenting on: The Muslim Culture - learn about the basic beliefs and identify misconceptions about Islam

Barb Meconis, RN, BS Holistic Nurse Consultant, Certified NAET Practitioner, Owner, CEO, Holistic Care Approach
* Presenting on: Integrating Holistic Therapies into the Care of Pediatric Patients - gain an understanding of integrative holistic medicine

Erica Michiels, MD Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Emergency Department
* Presenting on: Teen Drug Use: What are they doing now? - understanding common drugs of abuse, how teens obtain illegal drugs, new substances and new uses for alcohol

Steve Pastyrnak, PhD Psychologist Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
* Presenting on: Psychology and the Medically Complex Patient - identify psychological impact of chronic illness on children and identify strategies for helping a child manage stress/anxiety

Shari Schwanzl, BSN, MBA, RN Vice President, Operations and Nursing Services, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Jessica Bustraan, LMSW Social Worker, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Pulmonology
* Panel Discussion - Transitioning Patients to the Adult World - real time discussion with parents and leadership on the challenges of transitioning care

Shari Simpson, BSN, RN, CPON Nurse Educator, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
* Presenting on: Self Care - Learning healthy lifestyle choices and stress management for care providers

Bart Sumners, BA Actor and Writer, Founder/President of Healing Improv
* Presenting: Healing Improv - Finding Laughter to Alleviate Accumlated Grief - Bart's personal story and related experiences along with improvisational games

Brent Whittaker, MD Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, Intensivists - PICU
* Presenting on: Mechanical Vent/Airway Management - Respiratory control and the airway anatomy, pediatric airway and respiratory control and principles of mechanical ventilation