Simulation lab

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital has set a goal to be the safest children’s hospital in the country. Because of our commitment to safety and training, we are advancing this initiative with our on-site pediatric simulation program. 

Program simulation has been called the future of medical training. Our high-tech program is fully functional, featuring advanced audiovisual equipment, computers and software. In the simulation setting, participants work with medical equipment and supplies that reflect what is available in corresponding hospital settings. This makes simulation training a valuable tool across many service lines and situations. 

Our pediatric simulation program advances an active learning culture, because interdisciplinary professionals can:

    • Advance medical and technical expertise
    • Practice interdisciplinary teamwork
    • Enhance our safety culture through training with simulation observations
    • Identify opportunities to eliminate risks
    • Interact with and advance skills on new medical equipment
    • Practice protocols and procedures for medical situations
    • Assess technical competency
    • Increase proficiency in multiple unit-based or specialty-based scenarios