How We Can Help You

When you or a loved one is sick and needs medical care, you want to focus on getting well, not wondering how you’ll pay your medical bill. At Spectrum Health, we’re doing everything we can to make health care easier, more efficient, and more affordable.

We provide the highest quality, compassionate care at all of our locations statewide — from smaller, more focused clinical settings to fully equipped, state-of-the-art medical centers. Your health care costs will vary depending on where you go for treatment, but we will always recommend care at the most cost-effective location.

Easing Financial Stress

Our certified financial counselors are available to assist with a variety of financial concerns and needs, including:

Payment Options

Some of the many options we can explore with you include the following:

  • Screening for financial assistance
  • Establishing payment plans
  • Answering questions about price estimates
  • The Health Insurance Exchange
  • Medicaid or presumptive eligibility applications
  • Determining eligibility for any form of third party payer, such as: grants, liability, worker’s compensation, automobile insurance, and crime victims’ compensation.

Financial Counselor Locations

With over 15 locations and more than 40 certified counselors, Spectrum Health Financial Counseling is equipped and committed to easing your financial worries. If your location does not have a Financial Counselor assigned, please give us a call toll free at 844.838.3115. We’re happy to assist you wherever you are. Office hours vary by location.