Neurological Health PFAC

Neuro PFAC

Neurological disorders affect your whole self.  Spectrum Health brings together specialists that offer the most advanced neurological testing, imaging and neurosurgical technologies available. We provide personalized, comprehensive care for epilepsy, movement disorders, spine and pain management and stroke.

This year the Neurological Health PFAC is focused on brining the voice of the patient and family member to the Development of Comprehensive Stroke Program, Team Based Care and  helping to increase access to care for neurological patients in addition to the future direction of the Neurological Health programs and services.
“I became a Spectrum Health patient about five years ago, and at that time I just assumed that I had no say in my care; take what is given and make the best of it. When I was offered the opportunity to serve on the Neuro PFAC, I realized there was a path for communication and involvement in my care. That is the heart of the PFAC experience—giving, sharing, hearing the stories and serving.”
Craig VerBurg, Neurological Health PFAC