Save time and prepare for your visit by using eCheck-In before your Spectrum Health appointment. You can complete the process from anywhere using your computer or mobile phone.

When Can I Use eCheck-In?

eCheck-In is required before all video visits. You also may use it to check in for an in-person appointment.

Check in online 48 hours to just a few minutes before your appointment.

How to Check In Online

Follow these steps to use e-Check-In for your virtual or in-person visit:
1. Log in to MyChart using your computer or the Spectrum Health app on your phone.
2. Select “Visits” from the main menu.
3. Select “eCheck-In.”
4. Follow instructions on your screen to verify or update your information.

What’s Included in eCheck-In

During eCheck-In you’ll:
• Review your personal information, including medication history and allergies. Update all fields marked with an asterisk (*) and click “Save Changes.”
• Confirm or update your insurance information. Click “Add a Coverage” if you need to enter new insurance information. You can enter your insurance plan and number or upload a picture of your insurance card.
• Complete our Covid-19 screening, including listing any recent travel and/or symptoms.
• Complete a short questionnaire.
• Sign the Consent for Treatment form. You’re required to sign this form once per year.

eCopay Option

You can choose to make a copay online during eCheck-In. Simply follow the instructions to authorize your copay amount. Your payment won’t be processed until you begin your video visit or arrive at the office for your in-person appointment. Learn about copays and how insurance works.