Information regarding Philips recall

What is the situation?

  • On June 14, 2021, Spectrum Health and Helen Devos Children’s Hospital were notified by Philips Respironics of a recall for certain CPAP, BiLevel PAP devices (sleep apnea machines) and mechanical ventilators. Full details about the recall are available at:
  • Immediately upon learning this information, we began taking the necessary steps to notify all affected patients and families. Following the guidance from the product manufacturer, we are working diligently to ensure all recalled machines are repaired quickly and efficiently.
  • The Spectrum Health Philips Recall Hotline is no longer available. If you have specific questions regarding this recall, please contact your sleep provider via MyChart message, call our sleep center office at 616.391.3759 or contact the distributor from where you acquired your device.

As always, our focus is on the safety and health of our patients.

Where do I go to find more information from Philips, regarding the recall?

Visit for the devices that are affected, as well as more information on the recall. To speak to a local Philips representative, call 877.907.7508.

What is the time period for the recall?

The recall dates back to 2009.

Why was there a recall?

The reason for the recall is due to a sound abating (noise reducing) foam found in certain devices that may break down and release chemicals into the tubing, which could be inhaled.

The foam can deteriorate and cause harmful effects when cleaned in the wrong way or when exposed to high heat and humidity.

How do I register my device?

Philips has created a registration process that will allow patients, users, or caregivers to look up their device serial number and begin a claim if the unit is affected. You can look up your device to see if it is on the list and begin the registration process at

What if I have other questions or need additional information?

Additional FAQs and information on the recall can be found here or