Stroke intervention

Strokes can happen to anyone, at any age. At Spectrum Health, you're choosing the number one stroke center in Michigan. We offer the most advanced diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services. Our stroke experts are with you every step of the way to optimize your recovery and help prevent another stroke.

Know the signs and symptoms and B.E. F.A.S.T.

Stroke can happen to anyone. Know the signs:

Balance: Sudden loss of balance or coordination
Eyes: Sudden trouble seeing out of one or both eyes

Face: Sudden drooping on one side of the face
Arms: Sudden weakness in one arm or leg
Speech: Sudden trouble with speech or understanding
Time: Time to call 911

B.E. F.A.S.T.

Minimally invasive procedures

Clot-busting medication
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Clot-busting medication may be suggested by your doctor in emergent circumstances to help dissolve the blood clot that is disrupting blood flow to the brain.

Clot removal
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Clot removal may be suggested by your doctor in emergent circumstances. A guided catheter is placed through a vessel in your leg up to the clogged vessel in your brain. The catheter is used to remove the blood clot.

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Coiling uses a catheter to guide detachable coils into the aneurysm―blocking blood flow to the aneurysm.

Flow diversion
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Flow diversion redirects blood flow to the main vessel, away from the aneurysm, causing the aneurysm to shrink in size over time.

Carotid stents
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Carotid stents can be implanted to help open constricted neck vessels.

Surgical Management

Clipping surgery
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Clipping surgery is a procedure recommended for patients who’ve experienced a hemorrhagic stroke. A surgical clipping stops the blood flow to an aneurysm. Using a clamp at its base, the clamp helps prevent an occurrence of re-bleeding and the aneurysm from bursting.

Carotid artery surgery
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Carotid artery surgery removes fatty plaque causing a blood vessel blockage.

Tests and procedures

Tests and procedures are beneficial to manage and discover clots. Additional tests include: 

From prevention, intervention, recovery, and rehabilitation, we can help.

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