Dystonia affects how your body moves. Meeting with our expert movement disorder team will encourage you. Our neurologists specialize in new therapies like deep brain stimulation and more. We're passionate about improving your symptoms and restoring your confidence. 

Those with dystonia experience involuntary muscle contractions, causing repetitive motions or abnormal postures. Research suggests it's caused by damage to the area of the brain that controls movement. Symptoms may appear at any stage of life, in different ways. From therapies to deep brain stimulation, treatment will vary with each type of dystonia.

Treatment options

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Commonly referred as botox injections, they're directly injected into the area where muscle contractions occur to relax the muscle. Please call us at 616.267.7655 for more information.

Deep brain stimulation
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Deep brain stimulation is a surgical device that sends electrical signals to the areas of the brain. It may help reduce your symptoms.

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We offer the region’s only iMRI to remove complex tumors. This image guides us to precisely remove as much of the tumor as possible. The iMRI also reduces damage to surrounding healthy brain tissue.

Neuro rehabilitation
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Our physical therapy and rehabilitation experts don't just work on improving your physical function. We understand that neurological connections with your brain and your nerves affect your physical, cognitive and emotional health. Our holistic approach brings you greater success.

Orthopedic devices
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Wearing a splint or brace can stabilize areas with muscle contractions, helping to control movement while you heal.

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