Deep brain stimulation

Deep Brain Simulation (DBS) is a therapy delivered into the brain, from a small implanted battery that generates small amounts of electricity. It is a treatment option for some patients with moderate to advanced Parkinson’s disease, severe tremors, dystonia, and other conditions.

We offer both “awake” and “asleep” surgical options. During the traditional approach to DBS, patients are awake during key parts of the procedure. For patients who cannot tolerate being awake and/or have medical conditions that make being awake difficult during the procedure, we are the only hospital in West Michigan to offer interventional MRI-guided DBS, also known as “asleep DBS.” In this procedure, our specialists use real-time MRI images to guide DBS placement while patients remain under general anesthesia. 

Upon referral from one of our movement disorders neurologists, our DBS Fast-Track Evaluation Clinic multidisciplinary team of specialists help to determine if patients are candidates for the procedure. Patients are evaluated over two days, with appointments coordinated during this timeframe in one location, to help provide adequate additional information to the patient regarding the possibility of surgery as an option, and to help in determining if a patient may benefit from DBS, in a convenient fashion.

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Your care team

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Conducts diagnostic interviews to understand conditions and get you the right care.

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Manages injuries of the brain and has the skill to perform surgery when needed.

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Occupational Therapist

Focuses on activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming and independent living skills.

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Physical Therapist

Works with you in moving your arms and legs, helping to build strength, coordination, balance and endurance.

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Evaluates the psychological needs that may be affected by your condition.

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Speech Therapists

Provides linguistic therapy to you based on your need and medical direction.

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