Volunteers needed

Culinary medicine is a blend of the art of cooking with the science of medicine. Culinary medicine is a program at Spectrum Health that offer’s medical professionals, medical residents/students, and community members the opportunity to learn about the critical role whole, plant-based foods have in our health. This experience is offered as a hands-on kitchen experience.

Our volunteering opportunities
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The Culinary Medicine Team is seeking volunteers to assist in light tasks such as assistance with sign up, set up, and light clean up. Volunteers will be asked to commit a maximum of 4 hours to a single culinary medicine session.

Where you can volunteer
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This education is offered at one of our partner teaching kitchens – The Downtown Market or Grand Rapids Community College Secchia Institute of Culinary Education.* 

*Must have transportation

When you can volunteer
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These sessions are occurring throughout the year. Volunteering assignment will be based on your availability.

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