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Vascular anomalies

Lots of babies are born with birthmarks; some go away on their own without causing problems, but others won’t and can cause problems. A vascular anomaly is a kind of birthmark. They can be different sizes, so they may or may not be noticeable at birth. The vascular anomalies clinic offers the expertise of a multidisciplinary team to take away your stress and help with diagnosis and the right treatment for your child, if needed. Our team helps babies, kids and young adults through 25 years of age. Some children need monitoring, medication and surgery to prevent complications.

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A vascular anomaly is a kind of birthmark, although they can be different sizes and different appearances so they may or may not be noticeable at birth. It is a localized defect in blood vessels that can affect each part of the vasculature (capillaries, arteries, veins, lymphatics or a combination of these). Examples of conditions we treat include:

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Our team has a core group of multidisciplinary providers with expertise in vascular anomalies. Pediatric specialists from hematology/oncology, interventional radiology, neurology, otolaryngology (ENT), ophthalmology, plastic surgery, radiology and surgery work together to provide feedback and care.

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