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What to expect

Whether your child has a known condition or is experiencing serious breathing or health-related sleep issues that require further diagnosis, we are here to help. We work with a select team of care professionals to assess what every individual patient needs, using outstanding technologies and available services to quickly and accurately make a diagnosis and offer leading-edge treatment. We also transition technology-dependent patients from the hospital to your home setting.

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Our experienced pediatric doctors and specialists are ready to serve you and your family.

Clinic visits may last from one to three hours depending on your child's health and medical plan. While this may seem very long, it allows time for your child to be seen by team members from different disciplines to ensure that we adequately address all of your child's needs. Please plan accordingly with supplies, medicines and even nutrition. At the end of your visit, the clinical support associate or nurse will review your discharge paperwork, answer any remaining questions and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Meet the team

In addition to our pediatric pulmonology and sleep experts, our team also includes medical social workers, respiratory therapists, registered dietitians and clinical support associates.



I specialize in pediatric pulmonary and sleep medicine and supervise the care of patients.

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Physician Assistant

I work with physicians, providing care in the clinic.

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Social Worker

I advocate for and support patients and families, helping with needs in and out of the health care system.

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Nurse Practitioner

I work with physicians, providing care in the clinic.

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Respiratory Therapist

I assist with sleep studies and results, and help if CPAP or BiPAP are needed.

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Registered Dietician

I provide recommendations about how to maintain a healthy diet.

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Medical Assistant

I help with CPAP and BiPAP downloads.

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Pediatric Psychologist

I specialize in treating children's sleep issues.

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Registered Nurse

I help with patient questions and communications on the phone.