Pediatric rheumatology

Specialized auto-immune disease care for kids

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Rheumatology focuses on auto-immune diseases that involve the joints, muscles and connective tissues. These conditions occur when your body recognizes itself as a threat and fights against itself. While a chronic auto-immune disease is a life-long disorder, advanced therapies can keep patients in complete remission.

Children with an auto-immune disease can go through periods of flare-ups before they are diagnosed. Our pediatric rheumatology specialists provide highly specialized diagnosis and treatment for infants, children and teens who have auto-immune diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Helen DeVos Children's Hospital is proud to offer three pediatric rheumatologists on our team, since there are only 300 such experts in the entire country.

Our skilled pediatric rheumatology team offers long-term treatment plans for kids with auto-immune disease. Because these conditions typically affect movement and quality of daily life, our specialists work closely with you and your child to develop safe, comfortable and healthy levels of activity.

Often our doctors consult with immunologists and palliative care specialists to make sure you and your child have the complete care needed to manage disease symptoms. Our comprehensive care also includes coordination with other pediatric specialties at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, including radiology, orthopedics, nephrology and rehabilitation.

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