Pediatric plastic surgery

Coordinated solutions for individual needs

Woman kisses child with a cleft palate

Our team features plastic surgeons, who have special expertise in craniofacial procedures, treat growing bodies that need repairs or reconstruction for a wide variety of reasons. Key parts of our program are the oral cleft clinic and our craniosynostosis clinic, which treat children with cleft lip and palate or craniosynostosis in one central location. To achieve the best results, we provide coordinated team solutions based on the individual needs of the child and his or her family, including making recommendations to parents, caregivers, medical providers and school staff.

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Conditions we treat

The very conditions that can be helped by plastic surgery often cause emotional discomfort and impair self-confidence, which is why we treat every patient with respect and warmth. Our comprehensive care specialties include, but are not limited to:

Multispecialty care

To help improve outcomes, our experts use virtual surgery planning and partner with other pediatric specialists to coordinate care, including otolaryngology (ENT), oral surgery, orthodontics, dentistry, neurosurgery, audiology, genetics, psychology and nutrition. We also work with postoperative specialties, including prosthetics and speech and language pathology. Together our work can play a significant role in a child’s journey.

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