Pediatric nephrology

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When a kidney or urinary tract problem affects your child’s health, it affects your entire life. You need someone to provide care and solutions that help carry this burden. Our pediatric kidney specialists are nationally-recognized leaders in this important field of health care and research. That’s because we’re committed to seeking out the best treatment plan for your child’s comfort and long-term good health.

Featuring clinic locations across West Michigan, we have the expertise and latest technology to diagnose and treat whatever kidney or urinary tract issues your child is facing, especially rare conditions. We’ll support you and your child through outpatient or home dialysis and if needed, a pediatric kidney transplant. We've changed dozens of young lives, and those of their families, since our kidney transplant program began in 2005. When collaborating with our team, your child's future has never looked brighter.

Meet our team

Many of us know that the kidneys are important in helping to filter waste from our blood. However, did you also know that they balance chemicals like sodium and potassium, make hormones for bone growth, regulate blood pressure and help to make red blood cells? Dr. Alejandro Quiroga discusses kidney treatment offered by the pediatric nephrology team at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.