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Conditions and treatments

Our team cares for infants, children and adolescents with infections, immune deficiencies and fever syndromes. We are available to treat patients hospitalized at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and also in the outpatient pediatric infectious diseases office.

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Short-term conditions we treat

  • Bone and joint infections 
  • Chronic fatigue 
  • Complicated pneumonia 
  • Heart infections 
  • Hepatitis B and C 
  • Infections in international adoptees 
  • Lung nodules
  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) 
  • Perinatal exposures and infections due to HIV 
  • Pre-transplant evaluation 
  • Prolonged or recurrent fever 
  • Screening and treatment of infections after assault or needle sticks 
  • Surgical site infections 
  • Tuberculosis

Long-term and chronic conditions we treat

  • Antimicrobial prophylaxis for immune deficiency 
  • Chronic or recurrent fevers 
  • Hepatitis B and C 
  • Histoplasmosis
  • HIV management and care 
  • Immunodeficiency evaluation and care 
  • Chronic or recurrent infections 
  • Recurrent sinopulmonary infections

Additional resources

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