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From birth to adolescence there are a many things that can affect or change your skin. From intense itching due to atopic dermatitis or eczema, to a rapidly growing skin cyst, or a birthmark covering a child's face. Our specialists evaluate all of these, and more, working with families to make a patient-specific treatment plan.

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Patient care journey

Every new patient visit starts with full skin exam. We'll also ask questions about your child's condition and how it impacts their daily life. Our medical assistants will also take your child's vital signs, and then you and your child will meet with our physician or nurse practitioner, who will determine the best treatment plan.

Education regarding the diagnosis and treatment is typically provided by the provider, with some support of our specialized registered nurses. Most medications are sent to your local pharmacy, but some have to be sent to a specialty pharmacy. Depending on your child's condition, we may also apply medication in our office.

Some treatments involve skin biopsies or surgical removal, which in some cases is performed the same day as a patient's first visit, but in other cases is scheduled for another date. We also work with the pediatric sedation unit at the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital for those children who need it, as well as with our plastic surgeons, when necessary.

Meet our care team

The pediatric dermatology team is led by a dedicated board certified physician. Team members, including a nurse practitioner and registered nurses, all have specialized training and experience in working with children. The team works closely with other subspecialties and departments at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to provide coordinated, comprehensive and kid-friendly care.

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I have extra training in working specifically with children with skin diseases.

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Nurse Practitioner

I help treat patients with more common skin conditions.

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Registered Nurse

I help with patient education, answering calls and implementing treatment plans.

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Medical Assistant

I help check patients in and out, and help with treatments and procedures.