Audiology and hearing for children

There are a lot of reasons that your child could be having signs of hearing loss or problems with speech development. But what is the source of the problem? Just how much hearing loss are they experiencing? How will you know the best way to improving their hearing and speech? 

That's where our audiology and hearing services come in. From the routine to the highly specialized testing and diagnostics, our team has all of the tools and experience to determine exactly what's happening with your child's ears, from birth through childhood. There are so many new options for repairing and treating hearing loss. Finding the right solution for your child starts right here with our audiology and hearing analysis experts.

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Services we offer

Balance and dizziness evaluation
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Ears are crucial in maintaining balance. Let's get to the root of your child's struggles with balance and dizziness with a thorough evaluation and testing with our expert audiology team.

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response testing (BAER)
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This test measures brain wave activity in response to clicks and noises. The BAER test is just one way we utilize advanced testing to discover the source and location of your child's hearing loss.

Cochlear implant evaluation and habilitation
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Your child may be able to have hearing restored with a cochlear implant, one of our specialty advanced procedures. Find out if a cochlear implant is the right fit for your child with the help of our diagnostics and testing.

Diagnostics for hearing sensitivity and speech understanding
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Diagnostics with hearing tests (audiometry) and middle ear tests (tympanometry) can help us get a clear understanding of the location and extent of hearing loss.

Newborn and infant hearing screening
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Most children are screened for hearing loss before they are discharged from the hospital at birth. Finding hearing conditions early can be key to treatment, so be sure your child receives early and regular screenings.

Otoacoustic emissions
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This test checks the inner ear response to sound. This test doesn't rely on a visible response from your child, so it can be done with infants and toddlers, and even done while your child is asleep, with reliable results.