Secure Messaging FAQs

Q: What is Spectrum Health Secure Messaging?

A: Secure Messaging enables Spectrum Health staff to deliver confidential information to partners and patients while protecting patient privacy and adhering to regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH.

Q: How do I retrieve the message I am sent?

A: If your email system is setup to securely receive messages, you will receive the message in your inbox flagged as confidential. If the original message cannot be sent securely to your email system, you will be sent a notification with a link to view the message from the Spectrum Health Secure Messaging system. You must create an account with a password to sign into the Secure Messaging server to view the message. More about retrieving secure messages.

Q: If I reply to a secure message, is the reply secure?

A: Yes, any message sent as a reply to a Spectrum Health secure message will be secured.

Q: How long will the secure message be available?

A: All secure messages stored on the Spectrum Health Secure Messaging system are automatically deleted 21 days from the send date, regardless of the read state. No reminder notifications will be sent to alert senders or recipients of unread messages.

Q: I have to retrieve a lot of emails from the Secure Messaging system, how do I get them in my normal inbox?

A: Contact your email system administrator and ask them to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) on your email system. TLS is a network protocol designed to prevent eavesdropping and tampering across networks such as the internet. If TLS is enabled on your email system, secure messages will be automatically routed to your inbox. Your email system administrator can contact the Spectrum Health IS Service Desk with questions.