Staying Well

Teen Health

Young people have been through a lot in this pandemic. Schedules, events, and routines have changed considerably and so have lifestyle habits. It’s important to keep on track with annual physicals, as checks on mental and physical well-being are vitally important.

An annual physical is a good time to have your teen talk to your provider about sleep habits, screen time, hormonal changes and exercise. It’s also when hidden concerns might get flagged, such as high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm, spinal curvatures, balance issues and meeting growth targets. Vaccinations are critical at this age, so it’s important to keep on track for those as well.

Please stay on a regular schedule for the sake of your teen’s health. Appointments can be made online through the new Spectrum Health App, by contacting your provider’s office or by calling 877.362.8362 if you need help finding a provider.

Adult Vaccinations

Vaccinations are not just for kids. When teens graduate high school, new living situations put them at risk for infections like bacterial meningitis and HPV. Adults also face health risks if they don’t receive boosters for things such as tetanus, chicken pox or measles.

Many adults, however, are not aware of what vaccinations they need and at what age. To help with that, we’ve created a downloadable immunization schedule for a list of immunizations needed by age. Now, more than ever, is a good time to be mindful of your health and the health of the community. Appointments can be made through the new Spectrum Health App or by calling your provider’s office. If you don’t have a provider, please call 877.362.8362 and someone will assist you in finding one.

Extra Safety Measures in Place

We are ready for your care with extra safety measures in place to help ensure your visit runs smoothly. If you are interested in learning more, please watch our video below to see what our offices look like right now.

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