Keep Your Employees Healthy

Each flu season an estimated 111 million workdays are lost due to the flu, equaling an approximate $7 billion in lost productivity and sick days. A 2007 Centers for Disease Control study estimated that the flu costs businesses approximately $10.4 billion in direct costs for adult hospitalization and outpatient visits. 

Hosting an on-site flu clinic is a proactive and effective way to protect your employees and keep them healthy, productive and well all year round. With each case of influenza resulting in an average of three to five sick days and the likelihood of infecting others in the workplace, flu vaccinations easily pay for themselves. 

We work with companies of all sizes and can accommodate your needs if you have one location or multiple locations. Volume discounts are available to employers with 200 or more employees. 

Why Spectrum Health? 

Our Visiting Nurse Association has served the West Michigan community for over 120 years. All of our clinics are staffed by Spectrum Health employed licensed nurses. All of our nurses undergo a rigorous orientation, including background checks and fingerprinting, and are required to complete their annual training on compliance and HIPPA.
Our experience in delivering flu vaccinations instills confidence that your employees will receive a vaccine specifically formulated against the new strains of influenza. We have a full service Flu Vaccine program which means we provide all of the details to make your clinic a success. This includes promotional materials, medical supplies, vaccines, scheduling, administration and billing. 

Promotion of Your On-Site Flu Clinic

Our Spectrum Health team will work closely with your human resource team to coordinate clinic details and promotion. We provide materials for you to use to promote the flu clinic to your employees:
• Informational Employee Letter
• Flu Clinic Poster
• Flu Fact Sheet
• Graphic for internal website or newsletter
• Email Graphic to send to employees