Treatments for Tendon Tear

Your Treatment Begins Here

A torn bicep tendon at the shoulder will require similar treatment to any other tendon injury. Because shoulder tendons are under constant demands in daily life, an expert opinion is wise. You may have wondered what happened, when suddenly your bicep muscle seemed to look bigger, but lower. that's because the tendon damage allowed it to slump downward.

Left untreated, a partial tear can rupture, requiring complex surgery. Our experts can help you heal before that happens. If the damage is already too close to complete, you may be fine with a minimally invasive repair. Get started with treatment options here, and let us help you keep going strong.

Treatments We Provide

Bicep Tendon Tear Surgery

If the bicep tendon completely detaches, surgery to reattach it to the top of the arm bone will restore maximum use. A synthetic or grafted tendon may be used to create the proper length for your arm.

MRI Diagnostics

By taking a series of images using magnetic resonance imaging (or a simple X-ray in some cases), your orthopedic doctor can see the exact location and the extent of any damage. 

Orthopedic Devices 

Modifying your shoe with an insert or wedge can help elevate your heel to reduce pain and strain.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapy routine can improve, protect and restore strength and range of motion. It will feel great to use your arm again and know how to protect it from further damage, long after your sessions are completed.