Shoulder Replacement

Improving Motion, Strength and Function

Shoulder replacement can be a life-altering option for those suffering from severe shoulder pain and problems. It is is usually required for patients with severe forms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, or patients who have sustained severe trauma from a shoulder fracture.

During shoulder replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the arthritic or damaged portion of the upper arm bone (humerus), prepares the shoulder socket for a plastic liner, and then places a metal ball with a stem down into the arm bone. Our experts are also able to perform reverse total shoulder replacement. This procedure is specifically designed for patients with shoulder arthritis and a rotator cuff tendon tear that cannot be repaired using another method. This combination makes it necessary to place the ball on the shoulder blade, rather than the arm bone. The socket is placed on the arm bone, rather than the shoulder blade. In other words, it's the reverse of our normal anatomy.