Treatments for Torn Meniscus

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Symptoms of a torn meniscus may feel better with non-surgical care, such as ice, medicine and muscle-strengthening exercises. Your recovery plan depends on the extent of your injury. Your doctor looks at your overall health and how you tolerate certain medicines. If surgery is your best option, minimally invasive (arthroscopic) surgery makes recovery faster.

If your torn meniscus goes untreated, there's an increased likelihood of knee instability, persistent pain and risk of osteoarthritis. Let our experts help you understand the pros and cons of each treatment option, and learn more about them below.

Treatments We Provide

Arthroscopic Surgery

This minimally invasive procedure goes through the joint and trims your torn meniscus. It's a quick procedure that lets you go home the same day. It can improve stability within a few weeks with proper care.

MRI Diagnostics

By taking a series of images using magnetic resonance imaging (or a simple X-ray in some cases), your orthopedic doctor can see the exact location and the extent of any damage. 

Physical Therapy

Often physical therapy is part of your post-surgery recovery plan. However, physical therapy is used to prevent and relieve pain from many conditions, whether neurological or sports-related. Work with our physical therapists to restore strength and your healthy lifestyle.