Treatments for Hip Labral Tear

Your Treatment Begins Here

We want you to continue to be active in the things that you enjoy, but a hip labral tear may limit you. Our orthopedic hip specialists will work to restore your flexibility and hip function. Your treatment depends on the extent of your injury, overall health and your preference. You may be able to restore hip flexibility without surgery. In these cases, your care team focuses on exercises that maximize muscle strength and mobility of the hip. 

Surgical options are minimally invasive. Depending on your injury, it’s possible to have yours performed as an outpatient procedure, getting you home faster. Regardless of how your hip is treated, we’ll get you on the road to a full recovery.

Treatments We Provide

Corticosteroid Injections

Corticosteroids that are injected have a higher potency than oral anti-inflammatory medications. That means they have more potential to give you greater relief from pain.

SERF Strap

A SERF strap is an elastic strap that wraps the lower leg, thigh and knee to externally rotate the hip. It controls hip movement during physical activities, strengthens muscles surrounding the joint and helps reduces further stiffness.

Debridement Surgery

If a total repair isn't an option, debridement removes all torn parts of the labrum. This prevents fragments from getting caught in the hip joint, eliminating chances of causing more pain and potentially more damage.

Hip Arthroscopy

With two or three small incisions (so small they're the size of a needle pin) in the hip, your doctor repairs or cleans damaged cartilage. This minimally invasive procedure improves stability and pain.

Physical Therapy

Often physical therapy is part of your post-surgery recovery plan. However, physical therapy is used to prevent and relieve pain from many conditions, whether neurological or sports-related. Work with our physical therapists to restore strength and your healthy lifestyle.