Treatments for Foot and Toe Conditions

Your Treatment Begins Here

Treatment for foot and toe conditions depends on the severity of the pain, your overall health and preference in treatment. Your podiatrist may start off with a conservative treatment plan, suggesting rest, reducing physical activity and ibuprofen for pain relief. If this approach doesn’t work, we’re ready for the next steps. 

Whether it's hammertoe, plantar fasciitis, flat foot and everything in between, Spectrum Health podiatrists work with a team of rehabilitation and surgical experts specializing in toe and foot relief. Become familiar with possible treatments by reading through common treatments for your condition.

Treatments We Provide

Orthopedic Devices

There are many wraps, splints and braces that may help isolate and protect your toe from pain while walking. Open or wide-toed shoes can help, too. Your doctor can prescribe or recommend the best kind for you.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation services are offered in a variety of settings and locations to ensure you receive the best treatment options available. Conditions we treat range from sports-related injuries and post-surgical conditions to general sprains and strains from everyday living.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

We have three levels of inpatient rehabilitation: acute, subacute and our Special Care Hospital. Our expert team will guide you to the appropriate level of care based on your rehabilitation needs.

Hammertoe Surgery

Hammertoes can be surgically straightened. More rigid hammertoes usually require a more complex surgical procedure. Hammertoe surgery is almost always done on an outpatient basis.

Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery can bring relief for chronic plantar fasciitis. The surgeon will cut part of the ligament to release tension and inflammation. Recovery time varies, with good outcomes.

Flat Foot Surgery

For painful, debilitating flat feet (pes planus), there is corrective surgery. Find an experienced surgeon for this complex procedure, where bone grafting and tendon modification call for precision. Only one foot is corrected at a time, so planning ahead is helpful.