Treatments for Back Pain

Your Treatment Begins Here

You may not know that just "living with" back pain can make the underlying cause get worse. Having an expert take a look is the best way to end your back pain and help you keep it at bay for the long term. Our spine, muscle and nerve experts will be able to tell you exactly what's going on and the best treatment options.

Because there can be so many conditions that cause back pain, check out some basic treatments here. Technology and minimally invasive procedures have radically improved what is available to you. Our experts work with you to determine the right treatment plan. Read through our options below to familiarize yourself with suggestions your doctor may discuss.

Treatments We Provide


Acupuncture uses very fine needles to help relieve pain and inflammation. The doctor will insert the needles at key points. These areas of the body are part of the nerve paths to the pain.

Antispasmodic Medicine

These prescription medicines can calm muscle spasms to relieve pain. Reducing spasms can also help heal the surrounding muscle tissue, connective tissue and nerves.

Back Surgery

There are many surgical procedures to treat back pain. The best one for you depends on the cause. Surgical options range from minimally-invasive relief and emerging stem cell therapy to fusion and disc repair.

Epidural Steroid Injection

An epidural steroid injection is a powerful combination of steroid and anti-inflammatory medicine injected directly in the spine. The full effect of pain relief can take up to two weeks to feel. 

MRI Diagnostics

By taking a series of images using magnetic resonance imaging (or a simple X-ray in some cases), your orthopedic doctor can see the exact location and the extent of any damage. 

Spine Care Rehabilitation

When dealing with back and neck pain, it’s important to start with conservative care, such as physical therapy. Spectrum Health has a Spine and Pain Management Center dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of back pain.