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Essential Tremor

Do muscles in your hands, head or neck shake or tremble involuntarily? Essential tremor may be the cause. Fortunately, this condition is not life threatening, but it can be disruptive to daily life. Essential tremor is often confused with other movement disorders. You'll feel relieved when our neurologists confirm your diagnosis and explain the difference.

Essential tremor is a very slowly progressing condition. Its cause is not fully understood and it usually begins in one or both hands. The head, facial or other muscles can also be affected. The tremor causes rhythmic, involuntary motion and can come and go. Stress, hunger and fatigue can increase symptoms.  It is commonly diagnosed in people 65 years or older. Your doctor may prescribe medicine or suggest lifestyle modifications, such as avoiding caffeine, to help stabilize tremors.

Treatments for Essential Tremor

Deep Brain Stimulation
Deep brain stimulation is a surgical device that sends electrical signals to the areas of the brain. It may help reduce your symptoms.

Antiepileptic Medicine