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Treatments for Frontotemporal Dementia

Though there is no cure for frontotemporal dementia, there are treatments to help manage symptoms. Our neurologists are committed to your comfort as well as your physical and cognitive health. We specialize in the cause and progression of memory disorders, helping you and your family find the best approach. We treat your symptoms from every angle, including the effects they have on other parts of the body.

With this holistic view, let's work together. We can build a plan around what's most important, and then we’ll adjust every time your needs change. We're here for the journey and we're in it together. Learn about treatment options below.

Treatments We Provide

Anti-depressant Medicine

Because depression is a common symptom, anti-depressants can help elevate your mood and restore your emotional sense of well-being.

Antipsychotic Medicine

Tell your doctor if you're having irrational thoughts or compulsive behaviors. This method helps reduce these symptoms.


When you experience a decline in memory and thinking skills, you may benefit from neuropsychology. We'll work with you to improve cognitive function, emotional health and behaviors.

Sleep Medicine

To improve sleep, your doctor may prescribe sleeping medicine to help with insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation experts don't just work on improving your physical function. We understand that neurological connections with your brain and your nerves affect your physical, cognitive and emotional health. Our holistic approach brings you greater success.