Treatments for Concussions

Your Treatment Begins Here

Concussions are a common sports injury. You can also get a concussion from a blow to the head from a falling object or hitting your head from a fall. Early recognition, evaluation and treatment can prevent serious complications, and help with long-term healing. Our concussion team brings together a medical doctor, neuropsychologist and athletic trainers. We also offer baseline testing that may benefit athletes who may be at risk.

Treatment may include testing your strength, balance, reflexes and memory. Learn about treatments for concussion, and how they can help you, here.

Treatments We Provide

Balance Training

Balance training may be needed after a concussion, especially if you feel dizzy when standing or your agility is impaired. We work to improve balance, functional mobility and other symptoms caused by your concussion.

CT Scan

More powerful than an X-ray alone, CT scans combine X-rays with computer technology to create cross-sectional images that look like "slices" of your body. This painless procedure lets your doctor see the size, shape and position of structures deep in your body like organs and tissues.

MRI Diagnostics

An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, gives us extremely detailed imaging. The MRI works without radiation to produce cross-sectional images of your bones, joints, soft tissues, spine and brain.