Treatments for Venous Malformation in Children

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Treatment for venous malformation depends on the size, depth and location on the body. Fortunately, our pediatric specialists have expertise in this condition and offer extensive treatment options for your child, if needed. You’ll work closely with a pediatric hematologist, interventional radiologist and plastic surgeon, as well as other specialists (if necessary) to properly remove or shrink these birthmarks. Because venous malformations don’t go away on their own, multiple treatment sessions may be necessary.

Our goal is to improve function and restore your child’s physical and emotional well-being. Venous malformations are treatable. However, they can suddenly expand due to injury, pregnancy or puberty. We’ll be with you every step of the way monitoring and adjusting treatment as needed.

Treatments We Provide

Compression Garments

These are used to control swelling and pain for venous malformations in the arms and legs.

Laser Therapy

Using a laser light, instead of invasive surgery, helps shrink abnormal veins. Several treatments over six to eight weeks apart improve venous malformations.


Smaller birthmarks are observed over time and usually require no treatment. Because venous malformations can suddenly expand, observation may be recommended.


Usually requiring multiple treatments, injections with irritating solution shrink abnormal veins. Larger lesions may also be treated, along with surgical excision.

Surgical Removal

If your child's birthmark is in one spot and easily accessible, a surgical removal of either a portion of or the entire malformation may be the most effective treatment.