Treatments for Hemifacial Microsomia in Children

Your Child's Care Begins Here

No matter how minor or complex your child's facial reconstruction needs are, we're ready to bring success with our internationally-recognized plastic surgeons and their team. We bring our combined expertise, innovative approaches and advanced technology to the restoration of your child's facial function and appearance.

Our kid-friendly approach includes attending to your child's emotional needs too. Children whose bodies work or look differently than their peers’ often struggle with insecurity and self-esteem. We know that caring for your child’s needs includes more than physical concerns. We’re here to provide outstanding treatment with compassionate care.

Treatments We Provide

Distraction Osteogenesis

This technique allows the body to grow its own bone and avoids the need for bone grafts. In some cases for an underdeveloped jaw, a device can be placed on the jaw for bone “distraction.” This technique avoids the need for bone grafts.

Ear Reconstruction Surgeries

The external ear is usually reconstructed between ages six and eight. Typically, multiple surgeries are done with months in between for recovery.

Jaw Joint Replacement

We are one of the first to offer custom fabricated titanium jaw (TMJ) joint replacement to patients who were born without that joint. This joint will be specially designed to fit your facial structure and is usually done when you have stopped growing.

Reconstructive Surgery

For severe underdevelopment of the lower jaw, reconstruction using a bone graft may be done.