Treatments for Spondylolysis in Children and Adolescents

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Spondylolysis requires rest and activity restrictions to fully heal. Our doctors can determine best treatments, which may include bracing to help stabilize bones as they heal or physical therapy to strengthen the muscles of the back. It's important to work with our pediatric orthopedic specialists to make sure that the condition does not worsen.

Treatments we provide

Activity Restriction

To fully heal, activity will have to be lessened for a period of time. Your doctor can work with you to determine the amount and length of activity restriction.

Movement Restriction

To help your child from doing any further movement that could worsen their condition, your doctor may give them a splint, cast or back brace.

Pain Medicine

To help ease pain, your doctor may work with you on over-the-counter or prescription medications that are appropriate for your child.

Physical Therapy

Once the stress fracture has healed, physical therapy may be needed to help your child strengthen muscles and prevent future repetition of the injury.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

This surgery is a spinal fusion or internal brace with screws and rods to hold together the vertebra as the fusion heals.