About Our Service

A monitoring study provides a detailed analysis of brain activity over a longer period of time. It allows the epilepsy experts to see details that can lead to better understanding of your child's condition and the most effective treatment plan. 

  • The duration of your child's study will vary based on his or her age, but an overnight stay may be necessary. 
  • You’ll have a private room in our dedicated children's epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU).
  • Each room has a microphone so we can communicate at any time.
  • A parent must be present throughout the study (please know that our child life specialists are happy to give you a break). 
  • Electrodes will be placed on your child's head, but he or she can move around the room.
  • Our team and technology will record your child's brain and seizure activity continuously, around the clock. 

At all times while you are in the EMU, our team of epilepsy doctors, nurses and EEG technologists are actively involved in your child’s care.