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Patient Information for Children's Pulmonology

About Our Service

Office Visits 

To protect patients, we use special precautionary measures for all patients to help prevent the spread of certain bacteria. 

Clinic visits may last from one to three hours depending on your child's health and medical plan. While this may seem very long, it allows time for your child to be seen by team members from different disciplines to ensure that we adequately address all of your child's needs. Please plan accordingly with supplies, medicines and even nutrition. At the end of your visit, the clinical support associate or nurse will review your discharge paperwork, answer any remaining questions and schedule a follow-up appointment. 

Health Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns between appointments, we encourage you to call our office at 616.267.2200. Please identify yourself as a “cystic fibrosis patient,” “vent clinic patient,” etc. when you call so that your phone call can be given the correct priority and directed to the appropriate person. Questions about equipment will be directed to the respiratory therapists. General medical questions will be directed to the nurses. Social, emotional, resource or advocacy questions and concerns, as well as letter requests, will be directed to the medical social worker.

If our providers feel that the situation requires further attention, you will be directed to your primary care provider or the closest emergency room. If you choose the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Emergency Room, we will call them ahead of time about your arrival and concerns. If you choose to go to a different ER, we would like the physician you see to call us after assessing your child in order to coordinate a treatment plan. A member of our team is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.