Treatments for Asthma in Children

Your Child's Care Begins Here

Is your child afraid to be active because of asthma? That's not what you, or our doctors, want. Our goal is to help your child breathe easier and enjoy playtime, school and other activities. While asthma can’t be cured, our specialists can work with you to prevent flare-ups and control this condition. Treating asthma requires patience, working together and regular checkups between your primary doctor and our office. 

The reality is that severe asthma attacks can still happen, and they, rarely, may even require hospitalization. If that happens, we work closely with the inpatient team of pediatric hospitalists and intensive care doctors to help the child recover as quickly as possible and search for ways to prevent another hospitalization.

Treatments We Provide

Asthma Medicine

When taken as directed at the first sign of an asthma attack, quick-relief and long-term medicine can help relieve symptoms and ease airway inflammation.


For severe asthma attacks, a hospital stay may be necessary. Here, we continuously monitor your child's condition and provide IV medicines and oxygen whenever needed.


A prescription inhaler is helpful on-the-spot for asthma attacks. We'll help your child get used to using it in the most effective way possible.


A nebulizer changes medicine from a liquid to a mist. This makes it easier to inhale asthma medicine into the lungs.

Peak Flow Meter

A peak flow meter helps monitor your child's lung function, and how well he or she can exhale air out of the lungs.