Helping You Thrive

Our Survivorship Clinic provides services to help cancer survivors live well after cancer treatment. Our multispecialty team focuses on the physical, emotional and social impacts of cancer and its treatment. By addressing post-treatment concerns, we assist you in learning how to maintain and improve your health. Education, symptom management and wellness are the things we emphasize to our patients.
Our goal is to help you attain your best quality of life and thrive beyond cancer.

The survivorship team consists of an advanced practice provider, a cancer rehabilitation expert, dietitian and social worker, who work closely with your cancer physicians to develop a plan specific to your cancer experience. At your visit to the survivorship clinic, we will:

  • Review your cancer diagnosis and treatment with you
  • Discuss post-treatment issues and do a physical exam
  • Work with you to create effective ways to help you cope with the physical, emotional and social effects of your cancer and your treatment
  • Identify your risk factors for other cancers and, if needed, provide a referral to cancer screening services
  • Work with you to set goals to improve your health through exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Create a personalized follow-up plan for you in collaboration with your cancer and primary physicians

Your clinic visit is customized for your needs, and once complete, you will receive a survivorship care plan that summarizes your treatment and follow-up plan. Any necessary referrals will be made at the end of your visit. Insurance generally covers this visit in the same way as your other cancer care visits.

If you have had cancer and recently completed treatment, your physician can refer you to our clinic, or you can call us directly. Please allow approximately two hours for your visit.