Gastric Band Surgery

The gastric band procedure involves implanting two medical devices, a silicone band and an injection port, Both are passed through the skin in a minimally invasive manner using about five incisions, each one-half inch to one inch long. The band is placed around the upper stomach and is tightened to mold the stomach into two connected chambers. The injection port is connected to the band with soft tubing and attached to the abdominal wall under the skin. Because of the nature of the gastric banding procedure, it is not only adjustable but, when needed, is reversible.

After you have healed, periodic adjustments are made in our office by injecting saline via the injection port into the silicone band. By adding or removing saline, we are able to change the band’s restriction and in turn let more or less food into the stomach as needed. These adjustments will be performed several times to find the ideal level of restriction.

Weight Loss Expectations

While every case varies, on average, gastric band patients lose up to 50 percent of their excess weight.

Disease Resolution

Gastric banding has several proven benefits, including:

  • Resolving Type 2 diabetes in almost 50 percent of patients
  • Resolving high blood pressure in almost 40 percent of patients
  • Improving high cholesterol in more than 75 percent of patients

Gastric Banding Concerns

Gastric banding is an adjustable procedure and therefore requires somewhat intense follow-up care, compared to other procedures. Even after reaching and maintaining your target weight, you may still need band adjustments.