Visiting hours and information

Family members play an important role in patient care. Find the information you need to plan a visit to a Spectrum Health hospital. Help us foster a welcoming, healing environment by following our visitor guidelines.

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The definition of family is made by the patient/patient representative, recognizing that family may include anyone who normally provides physical, psychological, or emotional support to the patient. Visiting privileges will not be restricted, limited, or otherwise denied on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

Family members are considered part of the patient’s care team. Therefore, family presence is welcomed and encouraged at any time mutually agreed upon by the patient/patient representative, parent/legal guardian, family, and patient’s nurse and/or other members of the health care team. The patient/patient representative, parent/legal guardian, family and the health care team will collaborate on a plan for family involvement and presence that best meets the needs of patients, families, and health care team members in order to create a healing, supportive environment for all patients and families. This policy recognizes the importance of individualized family presence and takes into consideration the safety and well-being of all patients, family, guests, and employees.

Contacting a patient
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If you’d like to contact a friend or family member while they are staying in a Spectrum Health hospital, you may:

  • Call the hospital’s general number and ask for the patient by name.
  • Call or text your loved one’s cell phone (if they brought it with them).
  • Arrange a Care Channel video call. Care Channel is a free, private, easy-to-use service for Spectrum Health hospital patients. Your loved one’s care team can help them set up the service and send you an invitation.

Contact Patient Relations

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