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Magnetoencephalography, or MEG, is one of the world’s most advanced, non-invasive brain mapping technologies available used to precisely locate sources of epilepsy and greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of pre-surgical evaluations. The MEG also localizes special parts of the brain that a surgeon would like to avoid, such as areas that control movement, vision and language.

MEG Eligibility

Medical necessity
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  • The MEG exam is typically considered medically necessary for patients undergoing presurgical evaluation for intractable epilepsy, brain tumor, AVM or other brain neoplasm requiring resection. 
  • For epilepsy patients, documentation of at least 2 failed anti-epileptic drugs, a diagnosis of simple or complex localization related seizure disorder, and an order for pre-surgical evaluation should be documented. Additional discordant or unclear MRI and or EEG results also solidifies medical necessity.
Screening and requirements
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  • Please note on the referral any implants or other non-removable metals on/within the patient. Most implants can be tolerated with post-process filtering, but some, like programmable shunts may not be compatible. Each case will be individually reviewed. 
  • A high-resolution 3D T1 MRI (cuts of 1mm or less) of the brain is required to analyze the MEG exam. The MRI should have full head coverage including scalp, full nose and ears. If an MRI with these parameters is not available, one will need to be ordered with the MEG.
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  • Spectrum Health affiliate physicians can order using standard EPIC order flow. 
  • Physicians outside of Spectrum Health: Download and complete the outside referral form with notation supporting medical necessity (i.e., previous EEG, EMU, MRI, medical notes) and fax to 616.486.9998. MRI is required in advance of the MEG procedure. Either indicate a new MRI (MEG-MRI, limited study) on the order form or arrange for a disk to be sent at least 5 days in advance of the exam.

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