Get to know our residents

Our residents are a diverse group that come from a variety of backgrounds and have unique experiences and interests. We look forward to getting to know you as well!

Class of 2026

Lindsey Kiiskila, MD
Lindsey Kiiskila, MD

Hometown: Romeo, MI

Medical school: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Why did you choose Spectrum Health for your residency/fellowship? Much of my medical school clinical training was done in Spectrum Health offices and I wanted to continue here throughout residency as well! Spectrum Health has a smart, caring and inclusive staff and I am confident that it will be a great place to be a resident.

What are your clinical interests? I am interested in improving patient care through all imaging modalities and I look forward to finding my radiological niche at Spectrum Health.

Hobbies: I enjoy running, biking, skiing, spending time with my friends and renovating a new-to-us 1928 home with my husband.

Richard Pearson, MD
Richard Pearson, MD

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Medical school: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans

Why did you choose Spectrum Health for your residency/fellowship? My wife and I have been practicing physicians in the Grand Rapids area for a few years now. We love West Michigan and the opportunities it provides. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience as a Spectrum Health resident and felt very well-prepared for her career. When I made the decision to change fields of medicine and needed to complete a new residency, I knew I could get well-rounded, high-level training here at Spectrum Health. It was a no-brainer.

What are your clinical interests? I am pursuing the field of musculoskeletal radiology, including interventional techniques.

Hobbies: I continue to practice and coach men's gymnastics. When my wife and I get a chance to get away on a trip, we love to go hiking and backpacking.

Class of 2025

Ashutosh Agrawal, MD
Ashutosh Agrawal, MD

Hometown: Plano, TX

Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso

Why did you choose Spectrum Health? I rotated at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids as a medical student and loved the program and the city. It was an excellent fit for my academic and personal goals.

What do you like most about your program? I am looking forward to taking care of patients and my training in Diagnostic Radiology. I will get to work alongside some incredible people.

Clinical Interests: I am interested in MSK and Body subspecialties in Diagnostic Radiology.

Living in West Michigan: As a new resident of the state, I am looking forward to discovering every thing West Michigan has to offer. The outdoors and the food scene are incredible.

Hobbies: I like spending time with my family and traveling.

Class of 2024

Shakil Chowdhury
Shakil Chowdhury MD

Hometown: Hamtramck, MI

Medical School: Michigan State University- College of Human Medicine

Why did you choose Spectrum Health? I went to medical school in West Michigan at MSU-CHM. During medical school, I had an opportunity to see how innovative Spectrum Health is. I was able to participate in research, academia and clinical medicine. I knew Spectrum Health would be a great place where I could grow as a physician.

What do you like most about your program? My favorite part of the Radiology Residency is the people. My co-residents are very helpful and always open to teaching. The collaboration with the nursing staff and technologists is easily a highlight. Lastly, our attendings are great; education is a focal point of residency and there is ample opportunity to learn, teach, participate in research and most importantly enjoy the work!

Clinical Interests: I currently have an interest in Interventional Radiology as well as Body and Neuro Radiology. I also have an interest in academia.

Living in West Michigan: I grew up in the east side of the state in Detroit, MI. I came to West Michigan for medical school and have loved Grand Rapids ever since. I enjoy all the outdoor activities West Michigan has to offer, the rivers, the lakes and the hiking trails are great.

Hobbies: I usually set a goal of trying 1-2 hobbies every summer. In 2018 it was photography and videography, in 2019 it was making dishes from various cultures and in 2020 I am enjoying watching docu-series and playing Tennis!

Ryan L. Musolf, DO
Ryan L. Musolf, DO

Hometown: St. Johns, M

Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why did you choose Spectrum Health? I chose Spectrum Health for my Radiology Residency because it felt like an academic institution combined with a community program in the perfect combination that would be right for me. I love how there are opportunities to branch out into any sub-specialty of Radiology. At this point in my training I am pursuing Pediatric Interventional, so having a strong IR department and a large children's hospital next door were two huge draws for me. Additionally, I grew up in Michigan with family on the west side so Grand Rapids always seemed like a second home for me and I am excited to be back and explore all that the city and West MI have to offer.

What do you like most about your program? I am most looking forward to getting to know my co-residents and develop relationships over the next 4 years.

Clinical Interests: My clinical interests are pediatric interventional radiology, adult Interventional radiology, interventional oncology, body radiology and peripheral vascular disease.

Living in West Michigan: The thing I love most about West Michigan is how much nature there is surrounding Grand Rapids. Being so close to the beach is something I will not be taking for granted.

Hobbies: I enjoy just about anything outdoors. I play a large number of sports including tennis, volleyball (sand included), pickleball, soccer, and anything else. Living in Seattle for my intern year exposed me to the world of hiking and I'm excited to find new areas in MI to explore, although I am going to miss the mountain views. I also enjoy skiing, boating, fishing, laying on the beach or by a pool. When hanging out in the city I enjoy professional sporting events, trying new restaurants, or the occasional happy hour with friends.

James P Newton
James P Newton MD

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Medical School: University of Louisville

Why did you choose Spectrum Health? West Michigan is a fantastic place to live and Spectrum Health is a large medical system with plenty of opportunities for growth and learning in a wide variety of practice settings. In addition, the relationship with Advanced Radiology Services is unique in that residents can better understand private radiology practice while training within an academic environment.

What do you like most about your program? One of the benefits of a smaller residency program is that there is a greater opportunity to get to know other residents and faculty.

Clinical Interests: I'm looking forward to being immersed in different topics and developing clinical interests in radiology as I start my radiology training.

Living in West Michigan: There is always something to do outdoors in West Michigan no matter the time of year - skiing, mountain biking, beach-going and hiking.

Hobbies: I enjoy playing new board games, classical music, and gardening. I'm currently playing Carcassonne, listening to Mahler Symphony no. 2, and working on a mixed garden bed of roses and peonies.

Class of 2023

Elodie Pace-Soler
Elodie Pace-Soler, DO

Hometown: Paris, France

Medical School: Midwestern University, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why did you choose Spectrum Health? I was drawn by the variety of cases and opportunities, on par with a large academic center, but in the setting of a smaller, more intimate program. I also wanted to move away from larger, overcrowded cities (being born and raised in Paris, and then spending many years in Los Angeles), I loved the thought of living in a city like Grand Rapids, where you get most of the amenities of a big city without the hassle!

What do you like most about your program? I really like the variety of cases, and the fact that you get exposed to so many different types of pathologies/patients. I also really enjoy working/staffing with our attendings. Being around people who enjoy teaching and take the time to impart their knowledge and experience has been very rewarding.

Clinical Interests: I would like to complete a fellowship in either neuroradiology or pediatric neuroradiology. Afterward, I plan to work in academia.

Living in West Michigan: Michigan is actually a really beautiful state. I love that within a short driving distance you can: go to the sandy freshwater shoreline, visit the many vineyards and breweries, go skiing/snowboarding (it's not the Alps or Aspen, but it's still fun), or just relax at home and partake in the culture of Grand Rapids.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, snowboarding, playing piano, binging TV shows and drinking wine!

Jacob McCallum, DO
Jacob McCallum, DO

Hometown: Isanti, Minnesota

Medical School: A.T. Still University-Kirksville, MO

Why did you choose Spectrum Health? My wife and I couples matched here and we both really loved Grand Rapids when we interviewed. We both also feel that we fit in well with current residents and thought the program types meshed well with what we were looking for from a residency.

What do you like most about your program? I really enjoy the variety of attendings we get to work with and the huge variety/volume of studies we have access to being the largest hospital in West Michigan.

Clinical Interests: I am mostly interested in MSK and emergency radiology, but mostly enjoy reading a variety of subjects.

Living in West Michigan: I really enjoy the variety of different foods available as well as the amenities that Grand Rapids provides. It is small enough so that you don't have to deal with traffic which is great too! There are also great breweries and distilleries all over the state which have great food as well!

Hobbies: I have a ton of different hobbies so I had to focus down onto on a few currently. I really enjoy soccer, cooking, gardening, cycling, hiking and woodworking.

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